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The G.R.A.D CAMP is the latest, most unique, and most important installment in the G.R.A.D Franchise of player development leagues, camps, and clinics. Developed by B’BALL 101 Definitive Player Development System, GRAD stands for Game Ready Accelerated Development and it is the most comprehensive in-game basketball development camp ever created.  


The 4-Day Camp addresses the concerns that many parents of young basketball players, both male and female, have with regards to transferring “developed basketball skill" into ”in-game” performance. Most camps are designed to give general skill and allow athletes to play 5 on 5. Often the focus on 5 on 5 play at a time, when players haven’t developed the necessary individual skill set to be integrated into a team concept. Literally, for many, it is the equivalence of jumping from simple math to Calculus I. The GRAD Camp will focus on developing and establishing the what, how, when, and where for our young basketball players at all skill levels!l! Therefore we will have a unique combination of physical (strength and conditioning), skill, and “in-game” development. Our focus is on increasing the mental, emotional, and basketball wisdom (Not IQ) of our participants. We will give your young athletes the necessary tools needed to improve in-game performance. We GUARANTEE improvement!!

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the GRAD Camp and GRAD LEAGUE series is that EVERYONE will improve at a much faster rate. This is in stark contrast to individual skill development of old and the 5-player team, traditional, league models. In those models the best player continues to develop while others often stand and watch. Not anymore.

We don’t subscribe to the notion that a person is too young to learn the high-level concepts. Because of the way that we teach, development becomes fun for our youth and they develop without even knowing that they are developing. With over 17 years of unique youth development experience we have created a sure-fire way to develop the talent of our young players. In addition, we will give them an overall understanding of the game that will allow them to succeed on ANY level. 


Ages 11-17

July 29-August 1, 2019

9am to 4pm

Player Development

  • Elite Level IN-GAME Ball Control

  • Ultimate Shooting

  • Elite Post Play

  • Finishing

In-Game Development

  • 6 KEY CONCEPTS of 1 on 1 play that will take you to another level!

  • 6 KEY CONCEPTS of 2 on 2 play that will take you to another level!

  • 6 GAME CHANGING CONCEPTS of 3 on 3 play!

  • Understanding 5 on 5 offensive/defensive concepts while emphasizing “angles of effectiveness!”