Player Development

With a wide array of services that includes professional level on-court basketball instruction for individual skill development, high-end basketball specific speed & agility training, sports psychology coaching and mental conditioning programs, and much much more! We are truly the one-stop shop for beginners to professional basketball players.


The heart and soul of B'Ball 101's Atlanta basketball camps and training system is geared towards developing our young student-athletes to become the future stars of tomorrow. Started as early as 5 years old, we know that the earlier a player can grasp fundamental skills and concepts the faster they can progress along the way and remain at the top of their class. B'Ball 101's youth basketball training program includes both on-court and off-court development programs designed to develop a "complete" player who is grounded, prepared and confident in basketball and everyday life. Our GAME-CHANGER national and international camps are the most thorough camps on the market.


B'Ball 101 understands the unique needs of professional athletes and is able to provide our pros with an individualized workout tailored to their specific needs.  We work directly with sports agents to provide year-round basketball training sessions for professional athletes in every stage of the game. Our unparalleled pre-draft workouts, off-season basketball training programs and in-season skill sessions keep our clients at the top of their craft and help secure top dollar contracts.


L.E.A.P stands for Leaping Explosiveness with Acceleration and Power. The L.E.A.P UNIVERSITY program is designed to lay the neurological groundwork for greater speed, leaping ability, explosiveness, and overall power! With a program this thorough, improvement is guaranteed!  By far the most complete basketball specific strength and conditioning program ever!

    •    Instantly improve speed by correcting running technique

    •    Develop proper jumping mechanics for both one-leg and two-leg leaping

    •    Increase lateral speed

    •    Develop a NUCLEAR First Step

    •    Develop seamless change of direction

    •    Accelerate and decelerate smoothly and efficiently

    •    Develop core and overall body strength and power

    •    Increase range of motion and flexibility

    •    Learn the the secrets that gave CEO & Founder, Dorian Lee an astonishing 50" vertical leap and 4.34 second 40 yard dash time!

Performance Psychology

When an athlete hits the court, he’s battling not only his external opponent, but also the internal habits of each player’s mind. The internal opponents athletes face include nervousness, self-doubt, lack of focus and self-blame. And athletes who log hours of training and practice are often still un-prepared to face these formidable opponents. The fact is, these internal forces are nothing more than habits of the mind that have set up shop inside the synapses of your brain. The good news is, your brain can change. You can change your brain.

Our science-based mental training system has proven to help athletes unleash their potential and maximize performance.

Train your brain to:
    •    Increase confidence on the court
    •    Perform well under extreme pressure
    •    Overcome fear, hesitation & self-doubt
    •    Prevent performance slumps
    •    Develop effective pre-game rituals
    •    Instantly get into the zone at any moment


Our GAME-CHANGER national and international camps are the most thorough camps on the market.